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Blog Tour | Happiness Millionaire - Janet Jones

Title | Happiness Millionaire - Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful Life 

Author | Janet Jones 

Publisher | HapMill Publishing 

Source | Review Copy from Bookollective

Format | Paperback 

Purchase Link | Buy Here

Author Website |  Happiness Millionaire

Rating | 5/5 

Blurb | Get ready to be a Happiness Millionaire and change your life forever.
Are you struggling to reach your potential, believing there is more to life but don’t know how to change it?
Perhaps you are feeling unconfi dent, unfulfi lled or even a little vulnerable?
Chances are you’re su ering from a poverty mindset, born out of fear. You’re not alone. In fact, I used to feel the same way. Like you, I was stuck, struggling with life. And, through discovering 13 time-tested life principles and creating powerful visual imagery, I discovered how to turn my life around and achieve a R.I.C.H life—
Relationships, Income, Confidence, Health.
In short, I became a Happiness Millionaire, and now it’s your turn!
Through my workshops, I’ve helped people just like you break through to a R.I.C.H. mindset and a ful lling life. And now, the transformative power of the 13-positive images from the workshops are available to you in this book, to work through at your own pace. Take the journey they o er and move towards that worthy goal for which we are all striving: happiness.

When I was asked if I would like to read and review a copy of a book called "Happiness Millionaire" I was always going to say "YES!" because to be honest, the title contains two of my most favourite words, and because I adore personal development. 

Upon opening the package containing my "Happiness Millionaire" I instantly knew that what I was holding was far more than another 'self help' or 'personal development' book. I knew what I had in my hands was important. Was it intuition? Or was it wishful thinking? I don't really care to label it, but I know now after reading it, that I was indeed correct in my 'prediction'. 

Janet Jones has written a 'textbook' if you like on how you can go from P.O.O.R to R.I.C.H. She has very humbly shared her own story in what can only be described as a highly detailed, beautifully honest memoir, more so than any self help book I've ever read. I instantly became hooked into the transformation because of just how honest, 'normal' and insightful this introduction was. I appreciate an author's honesty, especially when it is so detailed as Janet's. 

As you dive further into the book, which believe me, this book is the most transformative page turner I've ever read (and I've read hundreds!), you are led step by step on your own journey to become a Happiness Millionaire. As Janet shares with you the best tools and techniques, insights and images that will lead you to a R.I.C.H life. 

I have to mention that this book is very much about changing your mindset, which is my very own niche which I specialise in as a Coach online, and it will without a doubt change your mindset. You may struggle at first, because we're so used to having our hands firmly gripped to the wheel of life, but in time you will gradually learn to trust and let go. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I have no doubt that I will go back to it time and time again. I absolutely highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become a Happiness Millionaire...that's everyone right? 

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