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Updates & Creations

Hello my friends,

It's been quite a while since we last had regular posts on A Page of Fictional Love, and It's this reason that I am sat writing this because I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful following here on my blog. Of late and especially since my 28th birthday I have been thinking about my life and what directions I want to be moving towards now as I approach my 30's. I never thought I'd be saying that quite so soon but this past year has taught me so much about life and sadly death. In the past 12 months I have sadly had to say goodbye to 3 people who have shaped my life and who I am, and more importantly who I always thought I would be. 

My first thought was to close the blog and be done with it - yes I did consider it, but then I remembered just how much I love my blog, and just how much I love chatting with everyone and reading your comments. So that option was happily removed from my options. I am proud of A Page of Fictional Love, and whilst the name of the blog does imply a heavy influence of books, to me it is so much more than just books. So that is the direction that my blog will be heading now.

Having reached my 28th year, my life has changed since I began blogging, and my interests have grew. I'm approaching the time in my life where things will be different and my life will be different. My five year plan resembles dreams and wishes which means I will *hopefully* be getting married, and *hopefully* starting my own little family, *hopefully* moving into a new house with my partner, changing jobs, climbing the career ladder in my profession to name a few. These changes will see me sharing my journey with you all, and perhaps one day merging into the parenting blogging community. Although not any time soon. So, don't go getting buying hats for weddings or knitting baby booties quite yet!

Which brings me nicely into what for now I will be focusing my blog upon. We are keeping the books (hooray!), and we will be adding lifestyle posts which may include home decor + interior design posts, health, fitness and wellbeing posts, and maybe my studying/career journey, and we will be adding in my creative side. Some of you may know my love for crochet since I taught myself via a wide collection of YouTube videos and Crochet books around 2 years ago when I first crocheted Santa Stockings.

Since then I have crocheted baby blankets, coasters, tea cosies, and my on-going project this year has been a mood blanket to document my mood each day of the year. I decided to commit to such a project to document my first year since my Auntie's passing last December. I began my life wearing a knitted cardigan that my Auntie made for me which I still have, so I wanted to have something meaningful and memorable for this year. It's been a therapy of sorts for me, and it's something that I will always have to look back on. But that is an entirely different blog post.

I will share with you a very recent creation of mine - a floral coaster set. In the photo (below) it shows only one but I have done them in sets of 4. They are so pretty, and I find they help keep the heat in my cups of coffee!

I'm hoping now that I have my webcam sorted I will be able to create some videos for you to learn, enjoy and hopefully share. The videos will be a mix of topics just like my blog. I hope these changes to the blog sound exciting to you, because I am really excited about this and I can't wait to grow the Page of Fictional Love Community.

Here's a super short schedule of things to look forward to; 

17th October - Blog Tour / Promise Post
19th October - 21 Day Fix - Why This Is My Go-To Program
21st October - Mood Blanket & What My Colours Mean 
26th October - All Her Secrets Blog Tour

More Blog Tours & Promo Posts 
More Crochet & Crafts
More Lifestyle

AND.... Other changes and creations include a *Brand New Blog* where I am writing on topics with a life coaching theme (Did you know I'm a qualified life coach?!) such as; Mindfulness, and Happiness, Coping Strategies for Anxiety. Also on the Facebook Page - ButterflyLipsBelle you will find daily "Guruism's" from my gorgeous friend Ana from This Chick Reads

Butterfly Lips Belle
I think that is everything mentioned that needed to be, and if I've forgotten anything I'll just include it at the end of either a lifestyle or creative post in the near future. My wish is that you'll continue to support me with my ventures, and also help them grow in order for it to reach the people that it needs to. Thank you to everyone who's already supporting my blog, your support means the world to me, and here's to the onwards and upwards of A Page of Fictional Love - Books, Lifestyle & Crafts. 

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